Comfort Mat FOREVER™ is always your comfort and protection!

This comfortable and stylish mat is a thermal insulating substrate covered with a durable fabric and featuring a fastex closure for easy fixation on the body or attachment to the backpack.

The substrate is made of 100% PPE, a porous, durable and soft material with high insulation properties. PPE is an elastic, water-resistant, and eco-friendly material.

The top layer is made of the Oxford cloth featuring the water-repellent, non-dirt-absorbing, wear-resistant, and high resilient properties.

Use options:

• during water sports;

• during winter sports;

• during sporting events when sitting in the stands;

• during the walking tour, camping, hiking, picnic;

• whilefishing and hunting.

The material is completely safe for contact with human skin and food, and does not change its properties in the temperature range from -50 to + 50 °C. It can be used at any weather.

COMFORT MAT, color "military khaki"

COMFORT MAT, color "military gray"

COMFORT MAT, color "blue"

COMFORT MAT, color "dark blue"

COMFORT MAT, color "gray"

COMFORT MAT, color "pink"


• Size 36*28 cm.

• Thickness 1 cm.

• The mat is fitted with a rubber band and fastex.

• Ingredients: PPE substrate, Oxford top.

• The shelf life is unlimited.

• The material does not contain harmful substances.

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